Creativity in Music

Our next two community meetings will focus on creativity in music. We are inviting you to send in video clips of your students playing their instrument, singing or even dancing to their favorite music. Students can also do short performances for the community meeting. Please contact your classroom teacher through email with your videos or student performance ideas. We will also be swapping grade-level community meetings to accommodate for the outdoor ed trip our 5th-grade trip. We are excited to celebrate our musically creative students!

February 25th- Am K-2 8:00am

PM K and 4th- 12:00

March 4th 3rd and 5th- 8:00 am

School start time

Start time for school is officially 8:00 AM. Students can arrive no earlier than 7:45. The first bell rings at 7:50 to indicate students have 10 minutes to get to class. At 8:00 am classes are in session. Anytime after 8:00 students are technically tardy. Lately, we are having to old school attendance until 8:05 because of the large volume of late students. If we were to start counting tardies at 8:00 we would have anywhere from 30-40 tardy slips daily. At 8:05 we still have 20-25 students tardy every day. This affects instruction across the school. If we are not starting instruction until 8:05 we are missing 25 minutes of instruction for all students. That is 900 minutes a year. If your students are arriving 10 minutes late they are missing 50 minutes of instruction weekly. That is 1,800 minutes a year. Instructional minutes are at the core of what we do here. Please adjust your alarm clocks to wake up 10 minutes earlier so your student can arrive at school on time and we can maximize our day.

Start time survey

In 2017, Cherry Creek Schools implemented new start times designed to support student learning and wellbeing.  Since that time, several other metro-area districts have followed suit or are considering doing so. While existing sleep research indicates the change in start times will have an overall positive effect, we are committed to understanding the impact this change has on our students, parents and staff.  Therefore, we are asking students, parents/guardians, teachers, and staff to complete a brief survey about sleep habits, daily routine, and general wellbeing. Comparison with results of similar surveys given in spring 2017 and 2018 will provide us with information we need to evaluate the impact and determine what areas of additional support, if any, may be needed.

You will receive an email on February 7th with information on the student survey, including opt-out instructions.  A later email will be sent with instructions on how to access the parent survey.  All surveys will need to be completed between February 25th and March 8th.

Thank you in advance for completing the survey, which should take no more than 10-15 minutes. Your feedback is extremely important.

Shooting Stars would like to say THANK YOU for all your support during Wish Week. Our goal was to raise $1500 for Raegan. Because of your amazing generosity, we earned $1685.92. Our total was then combined with all of the CT feeder schools, and last Friday Raegan was presented with a check for $40,000!!

Thank you for showing her that dreams do come true!

Fun Run Results

Now that the Fun Run is over, we’ve calculated that Coyote Hills has a PLEDGED PROFIT of $22,000+. THAT IS AMAZING! Ms. Vigil’s class will get to do a class movie with Mr. Cuoco.

Here are our final pledge stats:

States: 43

Countries: 2

Registration %: 79%

Participation %: 74%

Top classes:

Kindergarten: Carter AM

1st grade: Camps

2nd grade: Van Zeebroeck

3rd grade: Halaska

4th grade: Vigil (#1 IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL – WOOHOO!)

5th grade: Johnson         

PASS Meeting  March 14th

Partnership for Academically Successful Students is a committee that focuses on making sure all communities in our school feel welcome and have a voice. The committee was formed around the “Inclusive” value of Cherry Creek’s Inclusive Excellence mission. It is a place to meet and discuss programming and policies that directly affect students of diverse backgrounds. So far the PASS committee has hosted our literacy night and is looking to grow. We will be meeting again on March 14th the PASS at 5:00-6:00 before the 3rd-grade performance. Parent’s with students in the performance may bring their performers, we will have a movie available for them to watch during the meeting.


FUNRUN video

Pack Patrol

Coyote Hills is excited to introduce a new opportunity for family involvement during our school day. Play is a huge part of your child’s success and development. One of the best places to see your child play is on the playground. We are starting a new program called Pack Patrol. In this program, parents are invited to play with kids during the lunch/recess time. We are looking for guardians who want to come and spend time outside with students, help them play games, chat and connect. Each volunteer will be briefly trained on playground rules and procedures and given a vest. Then you will be released to spend time climbing on the monkey bars, organizing soccer games or simply connecting with students. If you are interested in joining this program, please review the times for volunteering and then go to the link to sign up for training.

Training days January 23rd and 24th at 10:45-11:15 and 11:15- 11:45 January 24th at 7:30-8:00 10:50-11:15 1st grade 11:18- 11:43 3rd grade 11:20-11:40- Kindergarten 11:48-12:13- 2nd grade 12:20-12:45- 5th grade 12:48-11:13- 4th grade

Drop OFF

Drop off for the school day starts at 7:45 am. We can not accept students into the school building or allow students to stand outside the school before 7:45. There is no supervision and we cannot guarantee the safety of your students. Next week we’ll be making calls to parents who are dropping off students too early. Please keep your students safe by dropping off at 7:45 and no earlier.


Parents! This year’ we are doing a Coyote Hills Fun Run! It’s a two-week program that kicks off with a Pep Rally on 1/22. Families will then gather pledges for every lap your student runs (30-35 laps), and we’ll celebrate at the Fun Run on 1/31/19. Our big goal of raising $25,000 for our educational assistants for the 2019-2020 school year. Students will also experience an amazing character theme, MINDSPARK MYSTERY LAB! Boosterthon’s theme combines S.T.E.A.M skills with character-building. While they’re teaming up with the MindSpark Kids to solve mysteries, our students will learn five 21st-century character traits that will help strengthen themselves and our world. So please help our school by reaching out to sponsors. All families are invited to come out and cheer on your student at the Fun Run! Thank you for your support! 

Parent Action Steps:

1. Register your student(s) on FUNRUN.COM on 1/15.

2. Reach out to sponsors by sharing your pledge link.

3. All pledges and payments are made online.* 4. Cheer on your student at the Fun Run on 1/31. Run and Done Collections

EASY for everyone! Sponsors only have to sit down once to pledge and pay while our school collects more funds!

• Sponsors can either make a pledge per lap or a flat donation! If they make a pledge per lap, their credit card is charged after the Fun Run! * Cash and check payments are still accepted. Must be turned in according to school policy. Your student will still get credit for the pledge or donation.

Cherry Creek Schools Comprehensive Wellness Strategy

The goals of the Cherry Creek Schools Comprehensive Wellness Strategy are to reduce barriers to learning and develop skills that support lifelong healthy living and the whole child and whole employee. Our framework is the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model which emphasizes the importance of community and parent partnership. As such, we are currently seeking parents interested in providing input into the district’s comprehensive wellness efforts by serving as a member of the CCSD Community Wellness Committee. To learn more about committee participation and to access a membership application, please use the following link: CWC Application We value your ideas and feedback.



Coyote Hills is excited to introduce a new opportunity for family involvement during our school day. Play is a huge part of your child’s success and development. One of the best places to see your child play is on the playground. We are starting a new program called Pack Patrol. In this program, parents are invited to play with kids during the lunch/recess time. We are looking for guardians who want to come and spend time outside with students, help them play games, chat and connect. Each volunteer will be briefly trained on playground rules and procedures and given a vest. Then you will be released to spend time climbing on the monkey bars, organizing soccer games or simply connecting with students. If you are interested in joining this program, please review the times for volunteering and then go to the link to sign up for training.

Training days

January 9th and 10th at 10:45-11:15 and 11:15-11:45

January 10th at 7:30-8:00

January 23rd and 24th at 10:45-11:15 and 11:15- 11:45

January 24th at 7:30-8:00

Recess Schedule

10:50-11:15 1st grade

11:18- 11:43 3rd grade

11:20-11:40- Kindergarten

11:48-12:13- 2nd grade

12:20-12:45- 5th grade

12:48-11:13- 4th grade

Kindergarten Drop Off/Pick up

Safety is first when it comes to our students. We would like to remind our kinder parents to be cautious during the drop-off and pick-up times halfway through our day. Students are dropped off at 11:50 for PM Kindergarten. Please make sure that you stand with your student outside or wait in the car with your student if you arrive early. We can not supervise students at the front of our building and cannot provide crosswalk supervision.

Toy Drive

Shooting Stars started a toy drive on December 3rd. We are supporting the Coalition of the Homeless and are asking for our community to donate toys for children 6 months -12 years old. We have boxes in each grade level pod for students to place UNWRAPPED gifts. The drive will end December 21st.

Community Meeting

Friday, December 21st we are having a special community meeting. Since our students achieved their Read-A-Thon goals, Mrs. Pohlmann and Mr. Cuoco will be doing an Enchanted Forest obstacle course. There will be wigs, dresses, rope climbing, book stacking, and many other challenges. Come see our administration compete at 8:05-8:20 (K-2) and 8:20-8:40 (3-5).

January Writing Challenge

Our next PACK value is going to be Creativity. For the months of January and February, there will be a school-wide Creative Writing Challenge. Students will be challenged to respond to the weekly prompt and submit writing to the school. Writers will be acknowledged for their creativity weekly, so get your students writing to prepare for our challenge and look for more details in our January Paws News!

Holiday family fun

During the break, students will relax, spend time with family and have fun. However, many parents ask how they can keep the learning going through the two weeks of winter break. Here are some ideas to keep your student engaged in their learning while out of school.


Have your student help you bake during this holiday season. Reading and following recipes provides many academic opportunities. Not only do students have to read but they must reflect on what their reading is telling them. They are practicing the valuable skill of following written directions. Recipes also help students practice math by using fractions and measurements. Challenge your student by doubling a recipe and figuring out the math!

Journaling is a great way to support writing. Have your student keep a daily journal about their experiences. Have your student read what they wrote and reflect on the day together.

Technology time is a part of many students day. Leverage their learning time with the following websites;


PACK Values for December!

Accountability is our monthly value. When we are accountable we take responsibility for our learning and our actions. This month we have some great community meetings around this value. A 4th-grade student wrote and directed a “Do’s and Don’ts of Accountability” video for the school. The Rockies will be here to celebrate student writing and academic achievement. Mr. Cuoco and I will be doing a fairytale obstacle course to celebrate reaching our Read-A-Thon goals. Remember, parents, are always invited to the community meetings. They are held in the Den from 8:00 am- 8:20 am on Monday mornings.

Outdoor Recess In the Winter

It’s getting cold out there. On cold days students will go outside as long as the “feels like” temperature is at 20 or above. Students will also go out if there is “light snow.” Students will not be able to play on the field or in the snow unless they are wearing snow boots. Please be sure to label all your coats, hats and gloves with first and last names. Our lost and found pile gets pretty big and we would like to be able to return items as much as possible.

Playworks Review

Recess can be a time for fun and friendship. However, it can also be a time for conflict. At Coyote Hills we are always trying to improve our systems for the time your students are with us. Recently a company called Playworks came to do an assessment of our day to day recess systems. This company specializes in training EA’s and schools in the best ways to run recess and lunch. We have trained many of our excellent EA’s with Playworks in the past. The company came out to observe how our community is participating in recess. I am happy to report that they were impressed with our structures and said we are running a successful recess. This is a great pat on the back for our EA staff, who work very hard every day to keep kids safe and having fun. Despite the praise, we are still going to send our new EA’s to the next training so we can continue to provide safe and respectful environments for our students.

Climate Survey

All CCSD parents/guardians are being asked to provide important feedback about their child’s school. The survey should take about ten to fifteen minutes to complete. Your answers to the questions will be kept strictly confidential; you will not be asked for your name on the survey. Any information you provide will in no way affect your child’s standing at his/her school. If you have more than one child in the Cherry Creek School District, you will be given the option of answering questions for all of your children.
 You may:
Take the survey online https://www.surveygizmo. com/s3/4462872/2018-Family -Climate-Safety-Wellness- Survey
 Download and print the survey and then return it to your child’s http://www.cherry Wellness/SafeSchools/Pages/ CSW—Survey.aspx Ask for a paper copy of the survey at the front desk.

October 29th

Accountability Value

Our current value is “Accountability.” With this value, we want to emphasize the accountability of our bodies and being good students. When we talk about our bodies we want all students to feel safe in their learning environments. At school, we talk about safe hands and not resolving conflict with our hands. If we are accountable with our bodies everyone will feel safe at school. As students, we are accountable for our work, paying attention and doing our best. This means being attentive and respectful when in class. It means being responsible for materials and doing our best work. When we are accountable in class we grow as students. We have a lot of fun community meetings around accountability this month, so stay tuned.

School Accountability

What is SAC? School Accountability is a place where, you as a parent, can get information about what’s going on in the school. In this meeting, I present information about the budget, testing, scores, curriculum and district initiatives. It is a great place to ask questions and get to know where the school is headed. SAC is at 6:00-7:00 before the PTCO on Tuesday evenings. The next SAC is November 13th!


Every year in January kids from all over the state of Colorado come together for the Colorado Elementary All-State Children’s Choir. After a full day of rehearsal together, the kids perform a concert at the Broadmoor Hotel Event Center in Colorado Springs. This year Coyote Hills has 8 students representing our school. A judge from another school came in and auditioned all 33 interested students. The following students were chosen for their excellent auditions and top scores. Congratulations! Gavin Kerns Avery Spicer Gabriella Aloni Jameson Young Lillian Cribari Liam Erwin Xaria Colon Jocelyn Kunz Alternates: Chase Cabuag Lilly Vigil

October 1st

This week is the Bookfair week! We have many fun activities for the week planned.

  • Monday, Oct. 1, 8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Magical Monday- Bring a magic stuffed animal or magic item!
  • Tuesday, Oct. 2, 8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Troll Hair Tuesday! Wear your hair like a troll!
  • Wednesday, Oct. 3, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. featuring Family Read-In from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. (come in your PJs and read with the community, talk with teachers about classroom literacy curriculum and resources for home, and enjoy reading corners featuring PASS parents reading aloud) Come to school in PJ’s
  • Thursday, Oct. 4, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday Tree day, dress in fall colors
  • Friday, Oct. 5th Fairy Tale/Forest Creature Friday! Dress like a princess or forest creature. (no bookfair).

FEATURED Guests at the Read-IN

Author M.J. Logan started writing her first novel when she was 13. She will be at the Read-In to discuss what it is like being a writer. 

Brian Essiq-Peppard

Comic book creator, storyboard, and concept artist. Experienced professional illustrator working in the industries of comic books, television, and film.

FALL BREAK is October 8th-19th.

September 19th


Our community meetings have been focused on perseverance. We talked, listened, and learned about what it takes to persevere. A kindergartener told me that he persevered by, “Eating all his spinach even though he hates spinach.” A 4th grader said he persevered through the makey make task in his science class. A 5th grader said he persevered in football practice, even though it was hot. Students have been sharing, talking, and living perseverance. We are going to end our perseverance focus with a presentation by community member, Savannah Parish. She became a paraplegic about three years ago. She has persevered through this time in her life by starting a hospital gown company called Sassy Savvy Gowns. She will be at the school September 24th for our community meeting to share her story with our students. Remember, parents, are invited to attend. We will run two meetings, one at 8:00-8:20 am and one at 8:20-8:40 am. Also, be advised that there will be no community meeting on October 1st.


This year with the addition of Jana Boise, our SRO liaison, we are lucky to have some extra support with traffic in the morning and afternoon. We spent some time discussing our safety needs and she assigned periodic support for our students’ arrival and dismissal. We are looking to reduce speeding, u-turns and illegal parking to keep our students safe.

Yellow poles.

We have had many issues with neighborhood children on the playground after hours. During after hour times, these children have broken the locks on the yellow safety poles. These poles are very heavy and can hurt students if they fall due to not being properly locked. Please have a conversation with your children about playground safety.


On October 3rd, we will be having a Family Read-In. From 5:30 to 7:30 pm, families are invited to come in pajamas and read with the community in the gym. We will have centers where classroom teachers share classroom literacy curriculum and provide resources for home. We will have reading corners where parents of PASS will be doing read alouds. On October 3rd the book fair will also be open late and families can stop in to buy some fun books to read. Support literacy and have a fun night of reading with your community!

September 7


This year’s book fair theme is “Enchanted Forest” and the Read-A-Thon starts Friday, September 7th. Students will be using the PledgeStar system to gather pledges. They will read to raise money and support our school. When the school raises $18,000.00 in pledges, Mr. Cuoco and I will race in a fairytale obstacle course. There will be costumes, fun, and shenanigans. We will also have a family reading night on Wednesday, October 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm. Come wearing your PJs, bring a favorite book or two, and cozy up to read as a family in the gym. We will also have rotating storytellers and reading resources for you to take home.


September 18th is our School Accountability Committee (SAC), Parent Meet and Greet, and PTCO meeting. SAC starts at 6:00 and will review the basic state of affairs at Coyote Hills. At 6:30, we will break and have a general gathering. During this time you can meet other parents, ask questions, and touch base in a casual setting. At 7:00, the PTCO will have their first meeting. The whole night will end at 8:00pm.


On Friday, August 31st at 9:15, we held our very first fire drill. It went incredibly well. We were able to get all students safely out, accounted for, and returned to class in under four minutes. I was proud of our safe and respectful students.

August 29th

Power point Presentation


Back to School night is tomorrow and we are excited to see families! Back to School night will run from 6:00-8:00 pm in 30-minute rotations with 15 minute passing periods. Each session will end on time to allow parents to take advantage of the many passing period activities we have planned. Teachers will also need to end on time so they can prepare for the next 30-minute session. This evening is designed for parents to learn about the school, and we suggest that students stay home for the evening. We hope you enjoy the new features and long-standing traditions of our school.


Doors open at 6:00

First rotation- 6:00 ends at 6:30

First passing period- 6:30-6:45

Second rotation 6:45-7:15

Second passing period- 7:15-7:30

Third rotation- 7:30-8:00

Doors Close at 8:05

Passing Period options Teacher name Space or room
Music Kathleen Cribari 431
Art Mindy Childers 006
PE Dave Wilsea Main Hall
ReadingInterventionist Lia Lopez 212
READ ACT tutor Siobhan Eith 212
ILC Heather Rutherford 12
Special Education Meghan Bergman 112
“Den” activity- Save Sammy 4th grade students Conference room (green innovation room)
“Den” activity- Electrical circuits 4th grade students Maker Space (yellow innovation room)
“Den” activity STEM/Tech presentation Matt Grobbel and Kathryn Eyolfson Presentation space (blue room)
“Den” Activity Robotics Matt Grobbel Main room in the Den
Million Word Wall/Program 5th grade students Main Hall
PTCO table PTCO Main Hall
Boy Scout table Main Hall
I-9 Sports table Main Hall

August 24th


We are finishing up the third week of school and we are on a roll. We had our second community meeting and all grade levels have now learned some new traditions. Our new call and response comes from the country of Ghana. “Ago Ame” is a way storytellers get the attention of children. “Ago” means “ I see you” and “Ame” means, “We see you.”It is way to respectfully prepare for listening. We also have a new motto that students are learning:

Coyotes Care

And Persevere

Together we grow

Every year!

This motto guides our students to grow as a community and achieve our potential. Remember ALL parents are welcome to our Monday meetings! They are at 8:00-8:20 every Monday. Come join and grow as a community.


Back to School night is coming on August 30th! I am very excited that our innovation center will be open, our new Million Words display will be ready, and student learning is up for viewing. This year we will be doing three rotations with 15 minute passing periods. The passing periods will be an opportunity for you to hop in the innovation center and see student led presentations or check out the new features around our school. Come down to the gym during any one of the sessions for a principal presentation. Come and stay for as many sessions as you need and see what we are doing!






What is SAC? SAC is the School Accountability Committee, which informs the community of school policies and actions that affect overall learning and operations. Parents are welcome to come and listen. This is a great way to keep a pulse on what is happening at Coyote Hills. SAC will be 6:00-6:30. 6:30-7:00 will be an open time for parents to come ask questions, meet one another and be in the school. Then PTCO will start at 7:00-8:00. Come for SAC and stay to talk or come and talk and join our PTCO team.

August 9th

What a great start to the year! We have introduced our new P.A.C.K. values, met new friends, and are growing our community through community meetings. Our Million Word Achievers from previous years met and reviewed our survey results. Together in a collaborative forum, they created a new tradition that honors old and new Million Word Achievers. We are also close to opening the new innovation space to the school. We will be highlighting some of its great features during Back to School Night on August 30th! We are also launching our new bimonthly newsletter and wordpress site where you can get all the news on what’s happening at Coyote Hills. I have been so lucky to meet with some PTCO members and I sent out the link to start the PASS committee. I have talked to many interested members and we will start scheduling PASS soon. I was also lucky enough to spend time with some families at the kindergarten Boo Hoo breakfast.

Safety Notes:

The Hill: Your student’s safety is one of our biggest concerns. During drop off and pick up, please do not allow your student to climb over the fence and go down the hill. Please tell your children to walk down to the end of the sidewalk toward the crosswalk and enter the school grounds there. Because of Altitude, our Kiss and Go line has been much shorter, so there is another option for drop off. Thanks for keeping our kids safe. We will be starting fire drills and other drills in the next few months.

The Drills: Below are the drills we will run..

Fire drills- monthly

Tornado drills- three times a year

Lock down- every other month

Secure perimeter- Once a trimester

Lunch: You are always welcome to join your students for lunch. We have a table outside the cafeteria, or you can go to our covered tables on the playground. We are asking that only parents and their children eat together. Because of safety and allergy concerns, friends will not be able to join.

I am excited to see you all for Back to School Night on August 30th 6:00pm-8:00pm.

-Mrs. Pohlmann


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